Commodore 64 Wifi Modem

I have been tinkering with different ways to get my C64’s online, I have been using Jim Drew’s WiModem on my one C64 and it works great. I decided to try and make my own after following a discussion on Afterlife BBS about esp8266 modules being used as wifi modems, I decided to try and make on myself.

As of the time of writing, this can be built for around $10 (excluding pcb cost as this varies depending on ability to etch pcb) (Files are provided below for either etching/milling boards or having them made)

This Project is based off the information obtained from Alwyz @ BBS

What you need to build this project

The build is fairly self-explanatory. Solder the user port edge connector 1-12 is the top A-N is the bottom. I like to start by soldering pins A and N on the bottom to affix it to the board then bend 1 and 12 down with a screwdriver and solder these. Once the 4 corner ins are in place repeat the steps for the rest of the pins. After the edge connector is on inset the NodeMCU ESP8266. Note the D0 marking on the board, align this with D0 on the esp8266 board.

Once the board is completed plug it into the c64 and fire up CCGMS 2017 v4. Set modem type to User Port and baud rate to 300 exit and switch to Anscii mode.


At this point go back into the CCGMS menu and switch modem type to UP9600 and baud rate to 9600.


at? can be used to show you all command available to you, I suggest doing this before setting baud rate to 9600.

That’s all there is to it.

Notes: 1Firmware based on jsalin/esp8266_modem modified by Alwyz

  1. jomppa

    Just built this kind of setup, only by wire. My esp8266 is hanging on wire on the back off c64 , and working nice. I’l have to go to local electronics shop (Bebek) and buy some board and get it done nice..

  2. J

    Can you add a speaker to this so you can hear the modem sounds?

  3. RWMech

    This just hit my project list. Thanks for putting this together.

    1. Andrew

      Ccgms is bbs software just type bbs address you can use other bbs program

  4. crusti

    ok , this all works, where can i find any next steps to get onto a BBS?

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